With development completed in the early 1990s, 333 families now call Thornridge their home. From the newly married to the retired and covering a plethora of backgrounds and professions, everyone enjoys what the subdivision, city and area have to offer. Over 60 acres of common lands within Thornridge encompasses over 12-1/2 acres of ponds, 2-1/2 miles of streams, wetlands and wooded areas that many species of birds, animals, fish, and flora call their home.
Located in the rolling hills of NW Oakland County,  Thornridge offers its children access to the best of the best. Whether it's Rochester Community Schools national award winning public schools, numerous private schools, or colleges, with ready access to highly regarded educational facilities through college, Thornridge Subdivision children receive a top-notch education in modern facilities located nearby. Also close by and very popular things to do: the arts, shopping, parks, biking/walking trails, sports venues etc. It is readily apparent how this area continues to be selected as one of the best places to live.