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Property Management Company Selected
Posted on Feb 27th, 2020
On February 4, 2020, the Thornridge Board selected the Jolicor Property Management Company to manage various administrative affairs of our subdivision.  Beginning on March 1st John Livingstone, the CEO of Jolicor, will take over administration of:
·   Deed Restrictions
·   management of the common grounds
·   financial transactions
·   insurance coverage
·   dues collection (by mail)
·   filing Federal/Michigan taxes
·   other tasks from the Board
The Board will henceforth function as a decision making, policy setting and oversight body for the membership.  This move will considerably reduce the Board’s workload and hopefully encourage more residents to volunteer their time to service on the Board.  Sometime during the next two weeks you will receive a letter of introduction from Mr. Livingstone.  Please read the letter carefully.    
Update on Thornridge Founding Documents
Posted on Feb 27th, 2020
As you may recall, during the 2019 Annual Meeting, our membership was informed of the Board’s efforts to revise and bring our Founding Documents into compliance with current State Laws.  The recommended revisions in the Deed Restrictions were designed to protect homeowners’ property values by clarifying vague provisions and avoiding potentially costly litigation that would ultimately increase our annual dues.  To date, a volunteer group of more than 30 residents have reviewed the proposed changes and given the opportunity to make recommendations. 
In the latter half of March 2020, you will receive informational packets (by mail) that will provide:
·   copy of revised Deed Restrictions
·   explanation of changes 
·   ballot
·   pre-addressed stamped return envelope 
Also, in late March, the Board will conduct an informational meeting.  The purpose of the meeting will be to address any remaining questions regarding the revisions prior to the referendum in April.  The meeting will be open to all residents.  Watch for further information in the March Newsletter and the date will be posted on our website Thornridge.org.    

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